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Costa Rica Bilingual Van Drivers

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The key to a safe successful trip to Costa Rica is your own air-conditioned van and driver.

Miguel Vinicio Chavarri'a Umana ( Beny )

P. O. Box 53-2450 San Jose, Costa Rica

011 2270-4027, Fax 011 506 2270-4813, Cell 011 506 8328-5801


Reference in the United States, Carole or Richard, at Old Hickory Furniture Of Connecticut

Toll Free 877 978-7842

Costa Rica Bilingual Drivers Costa Rica Bilingual Drivers

Carole & Richard starting out with Beny / Beny & Fernando

When traveling within Costa Rica with its diverse ecosystems and magnificent landscapes, being able to enjoy this wonderful culture without “traveling stress” can be realized. Hiring your own bilingual driver and guide in air-conditioned comfort is not difficult at all.  After many trips and vacations to Costa Rica , Beny, our personal driver and has made our time in Costa Rica the most enjoyable.  Beny is agreeable to long daily schedules, often starting early in the morning, for a flat rate daily charge. 

    The roads in Costa Rica are quite challenging. Many of these roads are not paved, some are only accessible during the dry season.  To complicate these driving issues even further, many roads are not marked, some not marked at all, and many are indicated in Spanish.  Many Costa Ricans do speak English, but many don’t, so asking directions can be very challenging if you don’t speak Espanola. A friendly and personal driver and air-conditioned van will offer you greater flexibility that a tour bus will not.

     Beny is very familiar with all the areas of Costa Rica . He can recommend anything that you may be interested in from shopping, dining, points of interest, river boat tours, rain forest areas, even where to discover one of Costa Rica’s greatest treasures: the Resplendent Quetzal.  Beny will help you with every aspect of your visit to Costa Rica , even recommending shopping areas, or aiding you with a menu. He will share with you Costa Rica ’s wonderful culture, including their friendly life style, and (a must try) delicious typical foods.  On a recent trip, Beny picked us up at the airport in San Jose , and remained with us for every day of the trip, even dropping us off at the airport at the end of our visit.

Your trip to Costa Rica will be most pleasurable and “stress free” by hiring Beny and his safe and air-conditioned van to be your guide.

     “I am a professional bird artist/carver/sculptor, and I had a “bit of traveling anxiety” before our first visit to Costa Rica . My initial intention to travel to Costa Rica was to further my artistic studies in the many rain forest and cloud forest habitats in the country, but my ultimate goal was to witness and study the Resplendent Quetzal. Meeting Beny, and spending ten wonderful days with him, made this business vacation a true pleasure and highlight in my career. Beny suggested all the areas that he believed would be helpful to my needs from a river tour, rain forest, to a private guide to see the Quetzal in a beautiful “off the beaten path” location in a mountainous cloud forest.  Seeing the Quetzal with my girl friend Jen was magical, so much in fact that we became engaged on that spot in the mountains. With his warm and friendly heart, Beny has become a friend, and my wife and I can’t wait to return to Costa Rica next year. We will hire and spend time with our friend Beny, and let him show us his wonderful country.   

                 Keith Mueller Wildlife Artist…………………………… Killingworth , Ct.

Costa Rica Bilingual Drivers Costa Rica Bilingual Drivers

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September 30 - October 7 2006, With Jen, Carole, Richard & our driver Beny

Resplendent Quetzal

Resplendent Quetzal

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